Truck Parking Etiquette

truck on a highway

We should start this handy little guide by making one thing extremely clear: the vast majority of truck drivers are perfectly well-mannered and respectable when it comes to truck stop etiquette. We know that, because rarely do we receive negative feedback from our vast network of truck parking property members

Truckers, for the most part, are absolutely great when it comes to etiquette.

If you could sense a “but” coming after that statement, here it is: there is a small minority of drivers who, according to other trucker drivers, are not conforming to the same truck parking etiquette and might be described as a little inconsiderate at best. There, we said it.

We don’t blame them, though. Trucking is a stressful job with long hours away from home and busy schedules. Truckers are also faced with a terrible parking shortage, causing them to race against the HOS clock as they scramble from parking lot to rest area, hoping to find a spot.

As a result, polished courtesy is the last thing on the minds of many truckers. They are simply too busy trying to meet their drops and stay safe on the road. 

Gentle Reminder

Having said that, we thought it might be useful to remind the least experienced drivers of the basic ‘bro code’ when it comes to truck parking manners, general conduct, and respect.

As you will see, most of it is nothing more than basic common sense, but a quick blast through the basics never hurts, so let’s do that. 

Ready to level up your truck stop etiquette game? Join us as we offer a few basic pointers on truck stop etiquette. The general do’s and don’ts, if you will. 

Good Truck Stop Etiquette 

We reached out to several Truck Parking Club members and inquired about the main truck parking etiquette rules that they would like other drivers to be more mindful of. 

Here is what they came up with.

Keep the Restrooms & Showers Clean

Truck stop restrooms and showers are used by a ton of drivers daily – It’s only fair that everyone contributes to their cleanliness. It’s pretty simple, really: after washing your hands, make certain that used towels end up in the bin, not on the floor. Try not to cover the sink area in floods of water, and please, for the love of god, flush the toilet after use!

Park in a Designated Space

We know most truck stops are pretty busy these days, forcing drivers to park in areas they probably shouldn’t, but it’s important to use the designated areas only. Avoid parking at fuel islands or spots that could hinder others, make the most of marked parking bays, and adhere to the common practice of backing in and pulling out smoothly.  Do this, and you will help to maintain order and safety in the parking lot.

Help Fellow Truckers Out

Solidarity is important in our community! Experienced drivers can often spot a rookie in need of guidance. Offering advice or assistance at truck stops not only creates a sense of community but also helps maintain a smooth flow of operations. 

Be Friendly & Treat People with Respect

The Golden Rule of treating others as you wish to be treated is particularly applicable at truck stops. A friendly greeting, a respectful attitude, and small acts of kindness can greatly improve the general atmosphere. 

Respect the Queue at Fuel Islands

Nothing annoys truck drivers quite as much as dilly-dallying at fuel islands. Just like a drive-thru, being quick and considerate is the best approach. Refuel, perform any quick checks on your vehicle, and then move along to allow others to use the facilities. If more extensive work on your truck is needed, just go ahead and park elsewhere – a fuel island is not the place to be changing wiper blades or topping up oil, although many do!

truck on a highway

Bad Truck Stop Etiquette

We asked the same drivers what bugs them out the most when it comes to a lack of truck parking etiquette. Let’s take a look.

Not Driving Carefully in Confined Spaces

Ease off the accelerator and stay alert in those tight spaces. Truck stops are buzzing hives of activity with vehicles of all sizes and people moving about, so your vigilance is extra important. A cautious approach not only keeps you safe but also protects everyone in your path.

Not Respecting Personal Boundaries

Truck stops can be great places to chew the fat with fellow drivers, but remember, not everyone wants to. Some drivers need a little alone time after a brutal day – a chance to kick back, relax, and retreat into a bubble. Try and gauge whether your fellow trucker is up for a chat before doing so. Remember, a friendly nod goes a long way, and sometimes, so does giving someone their space.

Being Unprofessional

When others flout the rules of etiquette, it’s tempting to respond in kind. However, always aim to take the higher ground. Encountering unprofessional behavior can be frustrating, but escalating the situation rarely helps. Lead by example instead, and if a situation worsens, it’s better to inform the truck stop staff if necessary.

Be Indiscreet About Cargo

Chitchat is part of the truck stop culture, but some things are better left unsaid – like what you’re hauling. Cargo theft is a real danger in this day and age, so discretion is your ally. Keep the conversation light and general, especially if you’re staying overnight. Discretion is about protecting both your load and your livelihood.

Bottom Line

Again, most truck parking etiquette boils down to basic common sense. Just show a little respect, be mindful of others using the truck stop facilities, and you will be fine… That’s really all there is to it!

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